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The Future of Japan IR

【Date】Feb. 28th (Thu) 15:00 - 16:30

● Integrated Resort in Japan & The World (Panel Discussion)

< Moderator >
Kenji Kitatani, Ph. D.
EVP, Asia & Executive Director for
Japan Anschutz Entertainment Group

< Profile >
Dr. Kenji Kitatani is a leading global media and entertainment business expert with substantial corporate experience and academic expertise.

< Panelist >
Ed Bowers

Representative Officer & CEO
MGM Resorts Japan

< Profile >
Ed Bowers has been Representative Officer and CEO of MGM Japan and MGM Japan West since October 2014 and he is responsible for leading MGM Resorts International's efforts in Japan.

< Panelist >
Tatsuya Chujo

SVP, International Marketing
Las Vegas Sands

< Profile >
Chujo Tatsuya is the Senior Vice President of International Marketing at the world’s largest gaming company Las Vegas Sands Corp. In his current role, Mr Tatsuya oversees a team that is responsible for marketing activities that draw premium visitors from Japan to Sands’ eight properties worldwide.

< Panelist >
William Shen
Managing Director & Representative Officer
Caesars Entertainment

< Profile >
William Shen currently serves as a Senior Vice President of Caesars Entertainment and the Managing Director and Representative Officer for Caesars Entertainment Japan, LLC. Based in Tokyo, he is responsible for the company’s efforts to realize a world-class integrated resort in Japan.

Interactive Entertainment Technology

【Date】Mar. 1st (Fri) 10:00 - 11:30

● From island to forest, castle to zoo, Lumina night walks ignite the imagination

Marie Belzil
Multimedia Director
Moment Factory

< Abstract >
The award-winning Lumina night walks use the universal language of lights and sounds to bring people together along an enchanting, immersive and interactive journey. This innovative format ignites the imagination whether it’s on an island, a forest, castle or zoo.

< Profile >
As a multimedia director, Marie Belzil has a gift for shaping moments of collective awe. Blurring the line between the tangible and virtual, she invites audiences into universes imbued with magic and emotion. Pushing the limits of technology and storytelling, Marie has conceived some of Moment Factory's most emblematic projects: the permanent installation at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Montreal's Jacques Cartier Bridge Interactive Illumination and the award-winning Lumina night walks.

● Entertainment Automation: a catalyst and game-changer influencing the live event experience

Jim Love
VP, Global Head of TAIT Navigator

< Abstract >
Because screens dominate our day-to-day interactions, creating a memorable entertainment experience requires so much more.  To stand out, your content has to step off the screen and into three dimensional space.  Learn how TAIT integrates motion, sound, video and lighting to delight audiences using entertainment automation.

< Profile >
As the VP, Global Head of TAIT Navigator, Jim focuses on the perpetual innovation and convergence of entertainment automation and live experiences.

Advanced Sports Technology

【Date】Feb. 27 (Wed) 15:00 - 16:30

● Playing Smart – How Data Analysis and Technology Can Bring out the True Potential of Sport Teams

Ken Saito
Business Development Manager
Catapult Sports

< Abstract >
CATAPULT, the global leader in athlete tracking, addresses how technology impacts the sports industry, and how data and technology help athletes and teams perform better and smarter.

< Profile >
Joined Yahoo Japan Corporation in 2009 and experienced roles in listing ads, mobile business projects, and in-house service marketing. From 2014, Ken studied football business at the University of Liverpool in England and graduated with the Football Industries MBA (FIMBA). From November 2015, Ken has been responsible as the Business Development Manager in Japan at Catapult, and is growing the company’s athlete tracking system and other businesses in the region.

Paul Balsom
Head of Sports Science and Performance Analysis
Leicester City FC

< Profile >
Dr. Paul Balsom graduated with a PhD in Exercise Physiology from the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, in 1995. His dissertation focused on performance and metabolic responses to "High Intensity Intermittent Exercise".

● Data Technology Innovations in Japanese Table Tennis: Player-centered Environment Building

Haruhiko Ikebukuro
Nipponpaint Mallets
Japan's professional table tennis league

< Abstract >
The Japanese national table tennis team has continuously attracted attention by excellent performance for years. Haruhiko Ikebukuro, a former analyst for Japan's national table tennis team, will discuss the importance of a player-centered environment with effective use of advanced data technology to enhance performance.

< Profile >
After graduating from the School of Health and Physical Education, University of Tsukuba, worked as a PE teacher at a public junior high-school for four years. Joined Japan's national table tennis team as an information strategy expert for both London and Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Currently serves as a coach for Nippon Paint Mallets of T League, Japan’s professional table tennis league.

Marketing Strategy of World-class Sports Teams

【Date】Mar. 1st (Fri) 15:00 - 16:30

● Club Strategy for Revenue Development and Global Expansion

Luca Adornato
Head of Marketing
Juventus F.C. S.p.A.

< Profile >
He has a graduation in International Business and Economics at the Nottingham Trent University.
He joined Juventus in 2004 and in the same organization had fulfil different roles within the marketing areas. Since October 2018 he is leading the marketing department as Head of Marketing within the Revenue Area of the Club. His role responsibilities includes Content and Marketing operations, Brand Development and TV rights revenues.

● Kashima Antlers' Digital Marketing Strategy

Hideki Suzuki
Executive Officer and Commercial Director
Kashima Antlers F.C.